About Us

Enfield School of Life Saving takes great pride in being a Voluntary-run club, where our instructors take great pride in their teaching and do so free of charge in their spare time. The result is we have enthusiastic instructors who are willing to pass on their skills and knowledge in helping others .. to save lives.


All of the instructors aged over 16 years have been cleared by the DBS (Data Barring Service).


## Indicates that they are currently on training, or at university, or away on study leave.

The below table shows the qualifications our instructors have:






Club Welfare Officer

Lifesaving TA

Tutor for Lifesaving Instructor, Rookie Instructor & AI

AED TA (Stand alone or NPLQ Bolt on)

2020 - RLSS Medal of Distinction

2017 - RLSS Certificate of Recognition

2013 - RLSS Long Service Medal (at least 50 yrs service)

2013 - RLSS Honourary Life Membership

October 2017 & 2018 - 100 hours service - certificate issued by

            L.B Enfield

LS3    TA -Lifesaving

AED Trainer - NPLQ 8th Edition

Rookie Instructor

Lifesaving Instructor

Lifesaving Instructor Tutor

Open water endorsement

CPR Update Award 2016



Lifeguard TA

AED TA (Stand alone or NPLQ Bolt on)

Tutor for Lifesaving Instructor & AI


2012 - RLSS - Bar to Service Medal (16 years of service)

2015 - Certificate of Merit

2016 - RLSS Service Cross Award (20 Years of service)

October 2017 - 100 hours service certificate issued by L.B.Enfield

TA - Lifeguard (9th Generation)



ASA Teacher - Level 2

S&S Instructor & Tutor 

Open water endoresment

CPR Update Award 2016


Lifesaving S&S Instructor                    Tutor - Lifesaving Instructor & Open water Endorsement

Rookie Instructor                                 TA -  NRASTC/ATSPRA

                                                             Instructor - Rookie & Water smart Instructor

NPLQ Trainer assessor                       TA - Specialism - NPLQ 9th Generation ,  AED; First Aid;

                                                                                        Open Water Lifeguard (& NPLQ Bolt on)

                                                                                        ER Pool ;  Anaphylaxus; 

                                                            TA - Pool Extraction Board Endorsement

                                                            TA - IQL IQA Assessor                                                                              







Assistant Instructor

Assistant Instructor

Assistant Instructor

Assistant Instructor

Assistant Instructor

Assistant Instructor


October 2017 & 2018- 100 hours voluntary  service certificates issued by L.B.Enfield  

S&S Distinction & LS3 (Nov 17) AI (May 18)

National Pool Lifeguard Award

S&S Distinction & LS3 (Nov 17) AI (May 18)



S&S Gold Medallion & LS3 (Nov 17) AI (May 18)

October 2018 -100 hour voluntary service certifiicate 

National Pool Lifeguard Qualification.

S&S Gold Medallion, Stillwater, Sport & Beach.     

S&S Distinction & LS3 (Sept 18) AI (May 18)    )

100 hour voluntary service certificate - Oct 2018

S&S Gold Medallion & LS3 (Nov 17) AI (May 18)

NPLQ - (Dec 2018)


S&S Gold Medallion,  LS3 & AI (May 18) NPLQ - (Dec 2018