Survive and Save - Still Water

Still Water
Survive and Save - Stillwater Session and Assessment


  • All candidates must hold the Survive and Save Core at the level of Stillwater award that they require to be assessed.  

  • All applicants wanting Gold Level Stillwater assessment must already hold the Stillwater Silver Level, prior to the start of the Gold Assessment.

  • It is important that all participants have had some experience of swimming in "cold" water prior to arriving for assessment.  

  • All candidates must hold a current Life Support Award or NPLQ.  (A Renewal of the Life Support can be carried out at our normal Friday sessions at Southgate Pool.

The water assessment will be the same as the Medallion award at the same level but it will be in "cold" lake water.  (See pages in the appropriate handbooks.)



Wet suits are advised but they are not essential.You may be able to hire a wet suit by prior arrangement but no guarantee that your size will be available.  We would recommend that you bring your own or borrow one from a friend.  

Long-sleeved top and long trousers will be required as per the Medallion awards (for swimming in clothing).               

Hot showers are available at the base.


Parents will be responsible for providing transport to and from the venue.



Remember that to gain the RLSS Distinction Award,
you have to have 3 current Gold Awards from the
Medallion; Stillwater; Sport  OR  Beach Lifesaving Awards

Times and Costs 

Please enquire for details.



Saturday 29th June  2019 (10am to 5pm) at Rickmansworth Sailing Club. This session is organised by RLSS Hertfordshire Branch and is free to clubs registered with Herts Branch and that includes us..

Apply for places before 20th June  stating award level required. Your application will be forwarded to Herts Branch.


Places are limited


Cost of each certificate =£17 payable with application.  This is refunded if you do not pass

NOTE - Extra Stillwater session has been arranged at Frinton in conjunction with the Beach Award - See under Beach Award.

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